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Stop Complicating. Start Simplifying—Search.

A SaaS solution to build search UI for your business applications.Web APIs making search easy for developers. AI giving users what they ask for.

SmartSearch works with

SmartSearch Features

Search Engine Agnostic

Multiple Engines

You can switch between Elasticsearch™ and AWS
OpenSearch™ without changing the app code.

Multiple Versions

Run multiple versions of both search engines
simultaneously without the pain of upgrading.

SmartSearch Features​

Low-Code Platform

Simplified Search Platform Language (SSPL)

  • SmartSearch uses Search Processing Language (SPL) to process data across Elasticsearch™ and AWS OpenSearch™.
  • It enables a user to switch between engines without rewriting code.
  • You can use a single code base for different versions of Elasticsearch™ and AWS OpenSearch™ at the same time.
  • This ensures upgrades or patches dont break search code on front ends.

SmartSearch Features

Machine Learning Ops

Simplified ML Ops Pipeline

We provide a simple click-through steps to get the vectorized data back tour your cluster

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP integration right out of the box to recognize users intent when searching.

Multiple Inference Engines

We support a wide variety of inferences against your data and to your pipeline

SmartSearch Features​

Search Management

Visual Control Plane

SmartSearch provides a Web-based graphical user interface (GUI) admin panel with enterprise features on top of the search engine to easily configure searches without coding.

SmartSearch Features

Use our search features to (easily) add search features to your desktop & mobile apps

Don’t have the expensive developers to build Elastic search from scratch? Good—you don’t need them. A few reasons why…

Query Optimization

Specify settings to show the right documents for searched values


Relate queries together have the same meaning in your dataset


Allow search operators to customize search results for specific queries

Full-Text Search​

Return the right search results for the specified search parameters


User to perform single search across multiple underlying search projects

A/B Testing​

Test scenarios to iterate towards the best solution

Search Management​

A visual interface to manage ElasticSI projects

Auto Correct (Fuzzy)​

To narrow or broaden search results for their users


Google like auto-complete behavior to guess the user’s intent.

Search Use-case Support​

Override & tweak the configuration for a specific projects​

Ranking Based Engine​

Improves search relevance and is auto tuned​

Developer-Friendly API ​

Use your preferred language to prototype ideas quickly.

Search Analytics​

Allows user to make actionable insights from user data in real-time

Elastic Search Ops (ES Ops)​

Allows user to have real-time management of your Elasticsearch cluster

Customer First Pricing

Start small and scale easily

Sign up for our 14 day free trial and explore the benefits right away. Our search experts are always a call away to make sure your right at home.Easily scale and add resources when you need to.

Resource-based pricing

Deploy SmartSearch in the cloud and benefit from transparent resource-based pricing, which lets you to pay only for the resources you utilize, regardless of the use case.




Get quickly started with a risk-free 14 day trial.

Starts from per Smart Node


Basic plan supports your needs for a single project.

Starts from per Smart Node


Standard plan supports your needs for upto 5 projects.

Enterprise Plans

Explore the Enterprise level features that are out of the box with SmartSearch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lets face it, Elastic search is hard to learn & search installation doesn’t work right. You get poor overall search quality or incorrect matches.
At SmartSearch we have our own in-house search specialists that will help you implement complex search from scratch.

With SmartSearch, you won’t need expensive developers to write elastic search code or fix elastic installations. You can add searching to
apps in hours or days vs. weeks or months. With our easy to scale pricing, you can pick the features you need now and add more later.
You can always start small with our risk-free 14 day free trial to get you started.

Step 1 – Start your trial.
Signup • Get verified • All ready to go—in minutes.

Step 2 – Create your search project.
Log in • Build some searches • Tweak stuff using the Admin console • See for yourself

Step 3 – Keep going. Build on your search project.
Let’s talk • Determine your needs • Set you up for the long run • Be a guide at your side

You can switch anytime between Elasticsearch & OpenSearch without changing app code. In fact you can use a single code base for different versions of Elasticsearch™ and AWS OpenSearch™ at the same time.

You are in good company. SmartSearch works with existing data set—no complicated integrations required.We provide a complete framework
& set of tools to analyze, tweak & manage you search projects. You can manage all deployments & refine searching from a single admin console (search management).

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